In Between Two

Joelistics & Sietta


Performance 4a is thrilled to announce our new show in development for 2016


…when hip hop lands in your lap as if delivered by a 60s beat poet… it will cause your heart to swell, just so that it can contain the beauty and emotion of powerful storytelling about love, life and this land – Australia.         LIZ TREVASKIS, ABC Darwin

Experience the storytelling, music and performance of Joelistics’ JOEL MA and Sietta’s JAMES MANGOHIG as they explore the soundtrack of their mixed heritage.

Embraced by the Aussie hip hop community, both Sietta and Joelistics are renowned for powerful performances and a soulful connection with their audiences. In this unique show, they share the Asian Australian stories that have shaped their musical careers.

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 Lotus in Bloom


PHOTO: Courtesy of William Yang


Just over a year ago, Performance 4a and Playwriting Australia joined forces in the Lotus Asian Australian Playwriting Project, with the stated intention of nurturing a new generation of Asian Australian playwrights. Since then more than 70 Asian Australian artists, performers, bloggers and writers have learnt valuable playwriting skills and been inspired to develop further. A third of them continued with the Lotus Salons, facilitated in each state by established playwrights: Maxine Mellor, Damien Millar, Angela Betzien and Lachlan Philpott.

Twelve of these participants recently had their writing showcased at performed readings in front of enthusiastic audiences at La Boite Theatre Brisbane, Riverside Theatres Parramatta (pictured) and The Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne.

Now with the generous support of the Girgensohn Foundation, Lotus continues for a further three years, allowing continued, long-term development of these budding writers through events such as the National Play Festival.

By 2017 three major theatre companies will have an Asian Australian playwright in residence. And a number of new plays will be well on the way to gracing main stages in Australia and beyond.

Lotus is in bloom!